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    • Early quality certification

      Early through the international quality system certification of one of the forging enterprises.

    • Strong technical force

      Is the domestic earlier research and development of electric screw press manufacturers.

    • Pay attention to quality

      Never reduce costs on the premise of sacrificing quality.

    • 24 hours online service



    Qingdao Hgaoyuan YiYou Forging Machinery Co., LTD.

    Qingdao yiyou forging machinery co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of forging equipment in mainland China. Located in Jiao zhou City, Shandong Province, we have convenient transportation. Established in 1985,the company is among the latest forge and press companies that pass ISO9001:2000 international quality system certificate. With fixed asset of nearly USD15,000,000 our company covers an area of about 255,000 square meters. In addition, our biggest capability of the hoisting is 80 tons in the large workshop and we can assemble 6,300 tons double-disc friction press together once. Meanwhile, we pay more attention to train and recruit technical employees. Now there are over 70 technical employees, 8 senior engineers and 26 engineers in our company. They are responsible for technology development, product testing, and quality assurance. Our main products consist of MP High Speed Forging Press, Series J55 Clutch Type Screw Press, Series J67, 69, 93 Double-Disc Friction Brick Press, Series D51 Vertical Ring Rolling Machines, and D53 Digital-Controlled Horizontal Ring Rolling Machines, Series J53 and J54 Double-Disc Friction Screw Press, we are also able to supply different capacities and models rolling mills. We welcome you to visit our company, and hope to cooperate and make development with friends around the world in some way. Let us to make a beautiful future together.

    • Founded in


    • Large equipment


    • Covers an area of


    • Hoisting capacity

      80wanTons of


    Service hotline


    Copyright © 2021 Qingdao Haoyuan YiYou Forging Machinery Co., LTD. All rights reserved

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